Automatic Transfer Switches(ATS/AMF)

 3Tech Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) allow switching from a primary power source to a secondary or tertiary power source and are employed in some electrical power distribution systems. The transfer switch allows for safe switching from one power source to another power source while maintaining isolation of each source from the other. Most often ATS can be seen where emergency power generators are used to back up power from the utility source (TIMG series) or one emergency power generator is used to back up power from another power generator (TIGG series). However, in a case where the load requires the reliable supply of so much power that two backup power generators are needed, the TIMGG series ATS will be suitable.


  • Available from 25A to 3150A
  • Safety, Electrical and Mechanical Interlocking design to avoid malfunction in connecting of power sources
  • Flexible, equipped with Siemens PLC to provide multi-function application
  • Reliable
  • Modular design, easy for maintenance
  • Multi-language display panel, suitable for global application
  • Extreme low/high AC voltage input suitable for critical, unstable utility application