Dummy Load

 DL series multi-function dummy load is a instrument integrated the functions for testing on-load capabilities and technical parameter for Mains, Generating Set, AC Automatic Voltage Regulator, Inverter, Power UPS. Which features include microcomputer control, high measurement accuracy, high-intellective, can carry out automatic test. Parameter test and power discharging can be carried out at the same time, computer can provide the testing report after finishing the discharging, and display, print the testing result orderly.


  • Setting the discharging power ratio according to performance index,testing requirements by user
  • Digital voltmeter displays voltage, current and others parameters
  • Equipped the new heat component in all machine, having the automatic shutting off protective function in case of overheating
  • Complete alarm system, can provide the reliable alarm according to the system malfunctions, overheating, air flow decrease of fan, overload, etc
  • Many types and series to select
  • Synchronization function